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Week of 9/28

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1st Grade

Reading, reading, reading!!  Plus elves!

This Week:

-Morning Meeting: We focused on learning activities that students can do while waiting– hand clapping games and partner games can help transitions run smoothly, as those that finish early can occupy themselves with something engaging!

-Math: This week we played addition games, continuing to focus on counting skills and accuracy. 

-Writing: The First Graders began their second poems by completing watercolor illustrations of a nature item they selected. These illustrations helped the students look closely at their items to notice details. And they wrote the words to their poems, thinking about how poets don’t use everyday language. Instead, they use powerful description words.

<em>First we drew with "fine line" to capture all of the details.</em>First we drew with "fine line" to capture all of the details.

<em>Then added color</em>Then added color

-Reading: One of my favorite parts of classroom life, our reading program, is now up and running.  Monday-Thursday we have reading groups, where small groups of students work with the different reading teachers (me, CJ, Solveig, and Elyse) on reading skills appropriate to their reading level. For most groups, the books that they read in Reading Group go home with them at the end of the session to be read as homework.  And on Fridays, we read The Elf Series, written by Pamela Myers, my own First Grade teacher and 40 year veteran (now retired!) of the San Francisco School.  The Elf Books bring a lot of magic to our lives.  The students are quickly learning these new routines, and all of the reading teachers have been impressed by their hard work!

-Social/Emotional Learning: This week we focused on the idea of Mountains and Molehills.  Throughout our day, problems are occurring.  It is our job to sort these problems by size, and then react accordingly.  Small problems (molehills) deserve small, molehill reactions.  Big problems (mountains) need mountain reactions (which should usually involve getting a teacher).  We will continue to think about matching reactions to events (and how to keep a molehill a molehill) in the coming weeks.  At home, make a list of problems that can occur and as a family sort them into these categories– what would happen if you had a mountain reaction to a molehill?  Your child would probably be pretty surprised!!

-Kid of the Day: Ask your child what they learned about Maya, Parker, and Riya.

-Buddy Time: Students got to know their buddies by tracing their hand, and we will use these hand tracings to make a mosaic for our classroom. 

Next Week:

-Math: We will continue working with addition problems.

-Writing: More poetry!

-We are now exiting our “easing into school” schedule, and will be following the academic schedule you received at Back to School Night.  The academic expectations will gradually increase over the coming weeks now that students are hitting their First Grade stride.


Posted October 02, 2015