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Week of 10/19

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1st Grade

Shapes, emotions, and spooks!

This Week:
-Morning Meeting: We have been using our spoooooky greetings this week! We have also been thinking about who we choose to sit and play with— we have “comfortable” friends that we’ve known for years, new friends we are getting to know, and “stretch” friends who take us out of our comfort zones. It is important to be able to play and interact with all of these different classmates! Students have also been given the privilege of choosing their own spots at Morning Meeting, which comes with the responsibility of making choices that will help them do respectful listening!

-Math: Geometry has taken off! Students have been observing shapes, learning shape names and features, and looking at how shapes are composed. This week was mostly exploratory: how can shapes fit together? Is there more than one way to fill a shape? How many different ways can students come up with?

<em>Exploring with shapes!</em>Exploring with shapes!<em>Filling shapes</em>Filling shapes<em>Designing shapes</em>Designing shapes

-Writing: This week we finished our Feelings Poems, and began working on Spooky Poems, which will soon be on display alongside students’ Evening Sky and House Silhouette paintings. To write a good spooky poem, we thought about how to “set the mood” or “set the scene” of our writing. Instead of just listing spooky things, we first had to help our readers imagine what we imagine by using descriptive language. Then the spooks could jump out!

Our Nature Poems are also on display in the classroom. Stop in to see them!

Here are a two drafts of our Feelings Poems:

-Reading: Reading groups are running wonderfully. For the developing readers, I am seeing good growth in their decoding skills and their approaches to identifying unknown words. For the more fluent readers, we have been working on smooth, expressive reading and how we discuss and think about books.

-4th Grade Buddies: More conversations around Mountains vs. Molehills during games.  Is getting tagged a mountain?  Getting out in ball tag?  How can we keep a molehill a molehill and get back to the game?  Here we are putting our conversations into action by playing Fire, Ice and Water!

-Latino/Hispanic Heritage celebration: The First Graders attended a terrific celebration put on by the Middle School on Friday, watching dances and music performances, and visiting different “countries” with the task of identifying the colors of their flags (¡en Español, claro!).  They loved getting their “pasaportes” stamped and I loved watching the older students mentor and guide them through the stations.


Next Week:
-Math: We will continue to develop our understanding of geometry by describing, sorting, and classifying shapes.
-Writing: Jazz Poems!

Posted October 25, 2015