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Week of 10/26

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1st Grade

Spooks and all that Jazz!

-Morning Meeting: With excitement about Halloween running high, Morning Meeting acted as an important touchstone for us to ground ourselves and come together as a community. We focused on how to flex our “self control” muscles, and find the line between “silly and too silly” and “excited and too excited”.

-Math: Students thought about ways to fill the same shape with more or fewer blocks. They noticed that by using a block like a hexagon, which fills a lot of space, they only needed a few blocks, whereas using a block like a triangle required many blocks.  They used logical problem solving to find as many ways as possible to fill a hexagon.

-Writing: This week we wrote Jazz Poems—the pinnacle of our first Poetry Unit of the year. Listening to Miles Davis’ song “So What”, students moved their bodies, created intricate line and watercolor paintings that represented what they were hearing, and finally turned this inspiration into incredibly powerful writing.

First we drew what we heard with fine line markers…

Then we added color…

Then we had a dance party to feel the music in our bodies…

-Halloween: The Halloween celebration was a big success! The First Graders did a terrific job making the sound effects for the 4th Grade dance, and everyone enjoyed the Halloween Carnival!  I actually did not get any photos of this event, but there were many parent photographers!!  Does anyone have some photos to share?

-Social/Emotional: This week we introduced a “stoplight” system to help students’ monitor their classroom behavior. This system is a more formal version of what students were already familiar with (a “wave out”, followed by a break at their table spot). We thought a lot this week about how we are all learning to be students, and about how we will all have times when we forget a rule, or give in to an impulse. When this happens, we forgive ourselves and move on, but also use it to help strengthen our “self control muscle” and make a plan for next time. At home, notice times when you or your child “flex” your “self control muscle” (resist an impulse)!

-4th Grade Buddy Yoga!

Next week:

-Continuing with a deeper explorations of shape “rules”.

-Completing our Poetry Unit!

-Celebrating Divali with our 4th Grade Buddies!

Posted October 31, 2015