Inside SFS

Students Trick or Treat at AgeSong University

Last Friday, the elders of AgeSong University welcomed the students of SFS for an afternoon of Halloween entertainment.

Formerly known as University Mound Ladies Home, this historic venue has longstanding ties with SFS, and our community was eager to celebrate together and reestablish its bond.

Approximately forty children from preschool to middle school arrived with their parents at the decorated manor where the elders gave away candy and shared sweet treats. The residents smiled at the wide gamut of costumes (from FloJo to a furry squirrel to a giant banana) and enjoyed a medley of Halloween songs performed by the preschoolers/kindergarteners.

It was delightful to make merry with a diverse group of elders who have much wisdom, cheer and stories to share. They heartily welcomed the students and families to come again soon. We hope to cultivate a genuine and reciprocal relationship with AgeSong University over the next year and beyond with future visits, performances and collaborative projects.

Posted November 03, 2015