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Week of 11/2

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1st Grade

Poetry, geometry and Divali (with a bang!)

-Morning Meeting: We’ve been enjoying our Person of the Week sharings… learning more about the Person of the Week on Monday and hearing about our tricky, tricky bear, Fiona, on Friday!

-Math: We wrapped up our geometry work by thinking how shapes often follow a set of rules.  For example, a triangle follows the rules: 3 sides, 3 corners, straight lines.  We also explored quadrilaterals, and created our own shape posters by coming up with a set of rules to sort our shapes by.

Exploring triangles on the peg board.

Looking for triangles and quadrilaterals in our set of “power polygons”

-Writing: We finished our poetry unit by adding tools to our Jazz Poems, including the tool of a title.  Titles are like fishing poles.  They grab a reader and pull them in.  We also re-illustrated the Poetry Story for next year’s First Grade, and selected the poem that we thought was our most powerful work to share at our poetry reading next week.

-4th Grade Buddies and Divali: We had a terrific Divali celebration with our 4th Grade Buddies, and with many families in the class.  We learned about how Divali is celebrated, a bit of the story of Ramayana, we decorated Diyas, got bangles, had a sweet snack, and then lit up the Green Top with poppers and sparklers!!  Thank you to all the families that helped pull off this event and shared these traditions with us!

Next week:

-Back into a numbers unit in math

-Preparing for our Poetry Sharing

-Learning how to be more free and easy, with a focus on letting go of perfectionism

Posted November 07, 2015