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Weeks of 11/10, 11/17 and 11/24

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1st Grade

Poetry sharings, Thank You Notes, and subtraction… it’s been some busy weeks in First Grade!

This Week:

-Morning Meeting: Lots of centering at Morning Meeting over the past few weeks.  The more our schedule is influenced by exciting events at school and home, the more we use Morning Meeting as an anchor for our learning community.

-Writing: Gratitude was our big theme geared up to Thanksgiving. We began by thinking about a new form of writing– Thank You Notes!  We then looked at photographs of the school personnel and discussed their jobs. We thought about how we could “fill their buckets” and recognize all that they do for our school by writing them Thank You Notes.

Here are a few of our completed notes:

We then delivered these notes around the school, spreading good feeling and thankfulness throughout our community!  I hope many of you also received Thank You Notes for all that you do for your children!!

-Handwriting:  We have begun “divers”.  Most of the important (and frequently reversed) letters that First Graders face are either “magic c” starters (a, c, d, g, o, q) or “divers” (r, p, h, b, n, m)– we do a lot of practicing on how to begin these letters as it can help students notice when their letters are backwards.

-Math: We’ve been back in the thick of our numbers work in math.  We’ve continued to work on “equivalent equations” or making sure the amounts on each side of the equals side are the same.  We’ve focused on addition strategies, noticing which strategies are BOTH efficient and accurate (for example, guessing seems efficient, but ends up not being accurate, which ends up taking extra time in the end!).  We’ve also begun exploring subtraction.

-Social/Emotional:  A lot of social graces that adults take for granted need to be explicitly taught to children.  The past few weeks we continued exploring gratitude– what does gratitude look like?  How do we express it?  What makes someone feel good after they give you a gift?  Why might it not feel good to someone for you to ask for more after they give you a gift?  Why don’t we ask for a special treat?  These types of conversations help children understand the sometimes complex social rules we operate under!

We also thought a lot about “kid world” vs. “school world”: When we are in “kid world” our focus is on our peers and our playful interactions.  When we are in “school world” our focus is on what we need to be doing to complete school tasks.  We have been helping students notice which world they are in, and when it is appropriate to be in each world.

-Poetry Sharing: I’m so glad many of you were able to see your child’s hard work in action.  It means a lot to them to get to share their work.  Soon a poetry portfolio of all of their drafts and completed art and poetry will be coming home.  Enjoy!!

-Grandparents and Special Friends Day: We were excited to welcome many visitors to our class on Tuesday!  We wrote in our Black Journals, played math games, and worked on weavings in art.  Our 4th Grade Buddies were extra special friends for students whose grandparents were unavailable.

Posted November 24, 2015