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Week of 12/7

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1st Grade

Small moment story telling was big this week!

This week:

-Morning Meeting: Morning Meeting continued to be an anchor for us during this busy time of year!

-Math: We continued working on subtraction, using different strategies to accurately and efficiently solve problems.  We also continued our work with “fact families”: if you’ve solved two problems in a “fact family”, can you figure out the third?  Students have also been wildly excited about solving these Computation Trails:

-Writing: We began our Small Moments! In this mini-memoir unit, students selected a “snapshot” from their lives (either a literal photograph, or a memory), practiced telling the story “across their five fingers”, and then stretched the story across the five pages of a book. Instead of writing the words straight away, we did what adult authors do. We made a plan with pictures and notes to remind our brains of what we wanted to write:

 And then wrote the words to our stories, adding interesting details, and using powerful language:

-Handwriting:  We have finished the “divers”, and will now be working on reducing reversals by remembering that “magic c” starters and “divers” face different directions.  I will send a note home on Monday of ways you can reinforce this work at home.  Here are some of the mnemonics we’ve discussed– ask your child to teach you what they mean!

-Social/Emotional:  A few big lessons this week.  We focused on how to be proud of our work: how can you feel good and proud without making someone else feel badly?  Students came up with the ideas of feeling proud inside their own hearts or showing a teacher, rather than saying “Look how many/much/well I did!!” to a classmate.  

We also talked about our tendency to “put down” our work.  Sometimes this is done because we are hoping to get compliments about our work.  Sometimes it is done because our work does not look the way we imagined it in our heads.  But in First Grade we’ve made a commitment to stop “putting down” our own work, because it can make our friend’s feel badly about their own work when they compare it to ours, and because we have to be kind to ourselves and know that even if our work doesn’t look the way we planned, that doesn’t make it bad.  Try to catch yourself “putting down” something you’ve done, and use that as a teachable moment at home! :)

-Hanukah: Ali joined us in the classroom on Wednesday to share about Hanukah!  We heard the story of Hanukah, lit the menorah, had some fried dough(nuts), and played dreidel!  We were having so much fun, I forgot to take any photos…

-The preschoolers came Christmas Caroling:


Next Week:

On the whole, a typical week– more Small Moments, math games, and reading groups. On Thursday we will watch the dress rehearsal of the 3rd/4th/5th Grade plays, and on Friday we will go ice skating! We’ll have time this week to talk more about ice skating and get advice and encouragement from our 4th Grade Buddies and the Middle Schoolers, who will be our Ice Skating mentors.

Posted December 11, 2015