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2017 Middle School Summer Notes

Please take a look below for lunch guidelines, school supply lists, and summer reading and math assignments for middle school students.

Zero and Low Waste Lunch at SFS

At The San Francisco School we strive toward creating a greener, more earth friendly campus. One big step is creating a zero (or low) waste lunch system. An average American student creates 67 pounds of lunchtime waste per school year. For an entire school, the amount becomes staggering. Please help us minimize food and packaging waste by packing waste-free or low-waste lunches.

Guidelines for packing a lunch

Summer Assignments & School Supply Lists

For more details regarding each of these assignments please contact the Front Desk as there are copies of each assignment available if needed. The teachers either emailed detailed instructions or provided students with hard copies at the end of the year.

Rising Sixth Grade 


This summer you will read the following three books.

  • Book #1: The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child by Francisco Jimenez

In 6th Grade, one of the curriculum threads of study will be about immigration: why people live where they live, and why they would choose to move. To begin to understand some of the issues associated with immigration and the impact on globalization, I want you all to read this wonderful collection of short stories by a local author. This book is readily available at the public library. You may also check your favorite local (used) bookstore for a paperback copy, or get an electronic book.

  • Book #2: The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis 

This is a new book on the summer reading list.  I’m hoping you will enjoy reading this book set in the Great Depression. Some of the themes of poverty, tenacity and life choices will be themes that weave in and out through the 6th grade curriculum.

  • Book #3: A book of your choice!

Librarians, Common Sense Media, Goodreads and friends who love to read are great resources for good books!

Keep a list of everything you read this summer! 

6th Grade Reading Summer Assignment



5th/6th Math Letter from Melissa 


School Supplies

See full list here



Rising Seventh Grade 


This summer you will begin to explore some ideas in Data and Statistics that build on things that you may have learned before. All of the tutorials and practice materials are on Khan Academy.

Work through all of the material (videos and practice) in the following sections:

  • Dot Plots and Frequency Tables (2 videos, 4 practice sets)
  • Histograms (2 videos, 2 practice sets)
  • Mean and Median (2 videos, 4 practice sets)

7th Grade Math Summer Assignment


Read the following novels:  1) The Alchemist 2) The Giver or Between Shades of Gray 3) A third book is optional

  • Take brief bullet point notes of each chapter for the books you read
  • Write a one paragraph reflection on The Alchemist 

Write a letter addressed to your teacher in which you tell them about one of your all-time favorite books. What happens in this story? Who are the characters? What is the setting? Why do you like it so much? Give them three reasons why they should read it too!

7th Grade Reading Summer Assignment 

School Supplies

See Full List Here

Rising Eighth Grade


You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone to use the A+ Click math site that we used in class: This is free, ad-free, and does not require a sign in. There is an app at the iTunes store and on Google Play. At the top of the page, choose the grade (start with grade 6 or 7). Then GO. Do a puzzle session on at least 5 different, non-consecutive days over the summer.

Written work (a separate write-up for each session)

  • Full Heading: Name and date at the top right, with the title “A+ Click #1” (2,3…)
  • Parent/guardian signature next to the date (They do not need to see you do the problems, the signature just means that you did the assignment by the date shown.)
  • Choose 3 problems, including at least one that you missed, especially if it was surprising or new for you. Skip any problems you have seen before.

For each problem:

  • Copy the question and sketch the drawing (if it contains needed information)
  • Show your solution (work, reasoning, and final answer)
  • Show the correct solution provided on the site (if you missed it)
  • Comment on each puzzle – what you liked about it, what you figured out when you saw the answer, what you wonder about it, different ways to solve it, suggestions to make an even better question… 

That’s 5 session write-ups documenting 3 problems each, turned in by August 25, third day of school.

8th Grade Math Summer Assignment


A photocopy of this reading and the reflection questions is available from the front desk. Read Introduction and Chapter 1 of Howard Zinn’s A Young People’s History of the United States. 

3-5 sentence responses to the 5 prompts provided

Write a one-page letter to your teacher in which you describe your favorite music and/or dance moves. Read any book, graphic novel or magazine of your choosing. Be prepared to share your reflections from your reading on the first day of class.

8th Grade Reading Summer Assignment  

School Supplies 

See Full List Here

Posted June 21, 2017