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Week of 8/26

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1st Grade

We’re off to a great start!

This week:

This week was short, but made for a great entry to the classroom. Students are happily settling into the routines of First Grade, are excited and engaged, are enjoying old friends, and becoming curious about new friends. 

<strong>Here we are learning about a very important classroom tool: the pencil!</strong>Here we are learning about a very important classroom tool: the pencil!

Each morning began with Morning Meeting, a routine we will engage in all year long. We greet each other, sing a song or do an activity, and read the Morning Message (a letter from me to the class). It is through this shared reading that we begin some of our early literacy lessons.

We’ve been playing many games to get to know each other, to become comfortable together, and to learn about how to treat each other while playing. We’ve also tackled a number of whole group challenges like getting the whole class (and teachers!) balanced on the play structure in only 10 seconds! 

<strong>Here we are playing Fish Gobbler!</strong>Here we are playing Fish Gobbler!

On Friday we started thinking about why people go to school. Students had many ideas: “We go to school to learn”, “To be with our friends!”, “To try new things”, and  “We go to school so our parents can do things without us!”.  Students illustrated a favorite part of their day.  Next week, students will build on this conversation to select a hope for this year—something that they want to accomplish in First Grade.

We’ve had Music and PE.  We also had two Buddy Times– one with the 2nd Graders, who explained the yard rules to us, and one with the 4th Graders, who played some name games with us, and then read us books.


<strong>A First/Second Buddy Duo explore the swings</strong>A First/Second Buddy Duo explore the swings

 <strong>Buddy reading!</strong>Buddy reading!

And we’ve also had a lot of time to play and explore the classroom materials!

<strong>Block building during "Choice Time"</strong>Block building during "Choice Time"


Next Week:

-We will begin learning about each other by sharing our nature items, favorite books, and completing “Kid Interviews”.  To do this, we will also learn about how to listen respectfully to one another.

-Students will select and publish a hope or dream for the year, and from the things we hope to accomplish in First Grade, we will develop our rules—we need rules to make sure we can all make our dreams come true!

-We will begin our math work with class surveys that help students learn to organize groups of numbers.

-We will continue to engage in games, activities and routines that will build a strong community of learners!

 -We will begin our first Project Time study of ants.

Posted August 28, 2015