Inside SFS

Steve’s Shoutout: 5 Reasons I Love This School (…Today!)

I just spent an hour walking around campus taking in random student activities, observing classes, and looking at what is on the walls.

Top 5 things I noticed:

  • 2nd graders taking care of 9 day old goats (baby kids) as part of their science curriculum
  • Homemade burritos (and all the fixins) being prepared for lunch (a student AND staff favorite)
  • 6 elementary girls huddled in a fort they imagined and made with plywood, planks and rocks (see above)
  • 5th grade students engaged in a design thinking process around how to best make use of an underutilized Terrace space outside of their classroom
  • The below photo hanging in our front foyer as part of this year’s Auction 

I’m sure my top 5 will change tomorrow. What’s your top 5?

Steve Morris, Head of School



Posted March 21, 2015