Inside SFS

Come Back Jamie Oliver

Of all things, celebrity chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver accidentally visited the school yesterday.

Jamie and his crew had an appointment with Alice Waters and thought they had arrived at the Edible Schoolyard, which is located in Berkeley. 

As Paloma Herman, our Admissions Director, told them – “we have an edible schoolyard, but we are not the Edible Schoolyard”.  Knowing that Jamie is campaigning to provide healthy, non-processed, school lunches in public schools, we invited him and his crew to visit our gardens and kitchen.  But they politely declined because they were now late to their meeting with Alice. 

We do not know how they got their wires crossed and ended up at The San Francisco School, but he is always invited to return.  I am tremendously proud to show off our campus, and would love to have introduced them to our model food program – offering healthy, organic, local food that is served family-style.

Patty and Jane, Jamie Oliver would be impressed and I am certain he would identify with the kitchen ‘mission’ - to serve nutritious and delicious lunches to our students; model wholesome, local and organic food preparation, and educate our community about the role of food in creating healthy, meaningful and sustainable communities. 

Happy New Year.


Posted January 07, 2014