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Week of 9/7

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1st Grade

A short, but oh-so-full week!

This Week:

-Morning Meeting: At Morning Meeting this week, we’ve been enthusiastically adding to our class’ song and game repertoire. We have continued to learn about friendly greetings—how to welcome someone each morning in a way that makes them feel good. This is a challenging skill for First Graders! We have broken down the elements of a good handshake– eye contact, a friendly face, and a firm but gentle handshake– and also practiced shaking with our right hands, reaching across our friend’s body! Practice shaking hands to greet each other at home!

-Math: We’ve continued studying surveys, answering questions such as “Would you rather be an eagle or a whale?”, and “Do you remember being a baby?”. After each survey we discuss what we have learned about the class.  As 6 year olds tend to be competitive, we also think about how surveys are not about winning or loosing but about gaining information.  We also think about how it is okay to respond differently than a friend— each kid gets to respond for themselves!

-Writing: We began writing books featuring a favorite topic: ourselves!  We will continue to add to these getting-to-know-each-other stories next week.

-Rules: Most of you had the chance to see our rule creation process first hand at Back to School Night. Our rules are now posted in the classroom, each student has added their signature agreeing to work their hardest to follow these rules, and we are already  applying them across our school day. These are the final rules we came up with:

1) Be kind and keep bodies safe.

2) Take care of your learning.

3) Keep the school clean and cared for.

Ants: Our ant study continued this week by spending some time experiencing the life of an ant.  We explored a kid sized ant colony.


We then learned about the job of scout ants. Ask your child what a scout ant does, and how it communicates with the rest of the colony.  

<em>Our scouts are hard at work collecting food for the colony.</em>Our scouts are hard at work collecting food for the colony.

<em>Writing about scout ants in the colony.</em>Writing about scout ants in the colony.

We also began construction on our paper ant colony, which will continue to grow and change to reflect our growing knowledge of what takes place in a real ant colony.  

<em>Students </em><em>incorporating all they know about ant bodies to make paper ants.</em>

<em>An ant in all of its glory!</em>An ant in all of its glory!

<em>It takes teamwork to make a colony!</em>It takes teamwork to make a colony!

4th Grade Buddies: Our buddies coached us in “cool down” techniques– not to cool down from the weather (although we needed those too!), but to cool down from upsets or frustrations.  We also briefly talked about the “Zones of Regulation” (Being in the green– body is calm and ready for play and learning; Being in the red– mad, tense, frustrated, etc.)

Kids of the Day: Ask your child what they learned about Kids of the Day Dante, Lloyd and Sachin!

Yoga: Usually we begin a mindfulness practice around this time of the year, but as CJ has experience as a yoga teacher, he and I thought that continuing the preschool yoga program many students are already familiar with would be a great fit this year!

<em>Triangle pose</em>Triangle pose

<em>Closing our</em><em></em><em> practice with the word "namaste"</em>Closing our practice with the word "namaste"

Rosh Hashana: We had a special visit from Millie’s grandmother who shared with us about Rosh Hashana.  Wishing a sweet new year to those celebrating this week!

<em>Students eat apples dipped in honey to celebrate Rosh Hashana.</em>Students eat apples dipped in honey to celebrate Rosh Hashana. 


Next Week: 

-Math: Students will work with a partner to design their own survey questions.

-Writing: Self Portrait Books, students’ first Black Journal Entry, and an intro to Poetry

-Ants: We will continue to investigate the differing roles of ants in a colony 

Posted September 13, 2015