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Week of 9/14

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1st Grade

Ant jobs and partner surveys were our teamwork challenges this week!

This Week: 

-Morning Meeting: This week we continued to work on greeting one another in a welcoming and kind manner.  We learned a few new greeting songs and games, and have been practicing shaking with our right hands.

-Math: After completing many surveys as a class, each First Grader worked with a partner to design their own survey questions.  To make this work, students had to be open to listening to their partners’ ideas and had to use language that would leave their partner feeling “bloomed”.  A lot of great compromising followed!  

Students then collected their survey data, and created a poster representing what they had found.

<em>Partners, in the thick of planning.</em>Partners, in the thick of planning.

<em>One group's plan.</em>One group's plan.


<em>Students working to create a poster representing their results.</em>Students working to create a poster representing their results.

<em>Final posters</em>Final posters

<em>Final posters</em>Final posters

-Writing: Students continued working on their “Self Portrait Books” which should be completed next week!

-Project Time: Over the last week we have continued to transform ourselves into ants, to try on different ant jobs and see what it feels like to be an ant community.  This week students tried the job of guard ants and housekeeper ants (these are handy to have around, especially in kid form), and then learned about the ant lifecycle.

<em>This guard uses his sense of smell to tell if an ant trying to enter the colony is a member of the colony.</em>This guard uses his sense of smell to tell if an ant trying to enter the colony is a member of the colony.

-Black Journals: This week students wrote their first entry in their “Black Journals”, books that will travel with them throughout their time at the school. We use these journals to write about the momentous things that will happen to us this year—field trips, plays, Science Fairs, and other events that we are excited about. This week students simply introduced themselves as First Graders, writing about what they like to do right now at the start of First Grade.

-Read Aloud: We finished King of the Dollhouse, and have begun Stuart Little by E. B. White. 

-Kid of the Day: Ask your child what they learned about Hannah, Riyana, Matilda, and Elsie!


Next Week: 

-Math: Activities developing ideas about ordering numbers, addition, and standard notation. 

-Writing: The start of poetry! 

-Ants: Finishing up our study of ants, publishing our ant books, and celebrating with an “Ant Day”!

Posted September 21, 2015