Steve Rubin

When I’m in classrooms at SFS and I watch the amazing teachers and engaged students, I wish that I could have had this kind of learning experience growing up. I’m so happy that our students can.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York near the southern beaches and Coney Island. As a young man I liked to make contraptions out of paper boxes, tubes and repurposed motors from model planes. I also dabbled in animation and photography, creating a darkroom in an empty closet.

Later in life I settled in San Francisco after a summer road trip, met my wife and began a small business. Automating that business gave me an opportunity to learn various aspects of computers and programs. I began to pursue my interest in technology by taking courses, building computers from scratch and teaching what I’d learned to others. After my son was born and began attending a public elementary school I offered to help the school create a technology program as a parent volunteer. My interest in integrating technology in schools grew and would lead to my fulfilling career at the San Francisco School.

Every day presents new challenges and technology riddles to figure out. Working at SFS rewards me with opportunities to use my skills in technology, photography and videography. I always look forward to creating a video for the Auction and the daily opportunities to use my creative mind. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing I get to do is greet the Preschool children at carpool in the morning. What a great way to start my day.