Karen Goodkin

I’ve always been allowed to follow my own instincts and interests in designing the art program.

I grew up in a Detroit suburb where I attended public schools and taught art on my family’s backyard picnic table to the children in the neighborhood. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BFA. After time in the South, I moved north to Boston where I obtained a master’s degree in Education from a cooperative program between Leslie University and Shady Hill School. I moved to San Francisco in 1974 and found SFS in the same year looking to start an elementary art program. On first sight, I sensed it was my place – cozy, relaxed, informal and child-centered. SFS is a family affair. Both of my grown daughters, Talia and Kerala attended SFS. My husband, Doug is one of our music teachers and my younger daughter, Talia teaches Fifth grade at SFS. Painting and drawing are my artistic passions. On my days off I also like to bike, hike and work in my garden.