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Daytime School Tours

We require that a parent or guardian complete a daytime school tour before completing an application. Please select the level of your application for more information.

Curriculum Open Houses

We also offer optional Curriculum Open Houses as a complement to our daytime school tours, which offer a deeper focus on the academic and social-emotional curricula. To register for a Curriculum Open House click here to access our admissions hub on Ravenna.


  • Thursday, October 24th 7-9pm
  • Saturday, December 14th 10am-12pm *Please note Curriculum Open Houses are for parents/guardians only. 

Elementary (1st-5th)

  • Saturday, December 14th 10am-12pm *There is not a formal program for children applying to Elementary; parents may bring them along at their own discretion.

Middle School (6th-8th)

  • Thursday, November 14th 5:30-8:00pm *Parents/guardians and prospective students are welcome.