Preschool & Kindergarten

The San Francisco School Preschool & Kindergarten is a Montessori-inspired, three-year program that encourages children to become more self-reliant and responsible and to learn through their experiences.

Over the years, The San Francisco School has blended Maria Montessori’s educational techniques with the best of other early childhood approaches. Children are busy, happy, engaged, and social. SFS provides a safe environment where children learn to make friends, work together, and resolve conflicts.

Our two multi-age classrooms of approximately 36 students and a team of 4 teachers offer a diverse social-emotional curriculum as the older children share their experience and model behaviors for their younger friends. Daily activities include independent and small-group work periods, circle time, outdoor play, and time for academic focus on themes like phonetics, math, Spanish, music, art, PE, and science.

Over the past year, as strategic planning turned towards strategic implementation, we quickly realized that a distinct approach would be needed for the early years when the groundwork is built for young children’s sense of empathy and responsibility, humanitarian promise and courage in learning. Employing the premise that the teachers are the heart and soul of the school, preschool and kindergarten teachers were provided with structured, reflective opportunities over several months to re-examine how space, time, professional development, curriculum and approach in preschool and kindergarten could best lay the foundation for what was to follow. 

The slow, thoughtful work guided by current research in teaching, learning and brain science, and often including administrators, produced its own list of initiatives and recommendations. This year current and prospective families will weigh in about time, space and the inclusive experience of children and families while teachers pilot innovative efforts to help re-imagine the preschool and kindergarten. The emphasis on the benefits from mixed-aged settings will continue even as teachers, families and administrators weigh whether smaller three and four-year-old classrooms with a dedicated kindergarten and structured mixed-age learning/playing  or the current larger Preschool-Kindergarten classrooms with structured small group experiences provide the optimal experience. Decision about the structure of the 2020-21 preschool and kindergarten will be made by January 2020. 

 At The San Francisco School your child will….

  • Learn

  • Have Fun!

  • Make Friends

  • Take Risks

  • Wonder

  • Play

  • Create

  • Discover

  • Get Messy