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Calendar / Room Request Form

Event requests should be submitted  at least three weeks before event!

This form will be sent to the appropriate staff member(s) for review. Submitting the form does not guarantee it will be approved.

Please enter the day(s) of the week that this event will take place.
Please talk to individual teachers if classrooms are required
Please provide details of any furniture, cleanup, campus access, etc. Please attach an explanatory diagram below if possible.
Please upload a diagram of table/chair setup, etc. Please check with Facilities Manager about any details.
(80 MB max)
Please select whether audio/visual/technology will be required. Please send all details to as they become available.
If you will be using technology to display a presentation or video, please outline devices provided and devices needed below. (Mac/PC/USB Drive, Projector, Microphone, Audio, Video)