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Postcards from Superheroes: A Multi-Grade Writing Project

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Each year the Middle School Humanities teachers think up a writing project that will inspire our students to think, create, and take risks in a multi-grade writing project.

This year the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders were asked to imagine what superhero traits they would like to possess.  Then in a postcard, the Superhero self was to write to the mortal self, maybe about some injustice in the world.

Reading their work shows their different interpretations of this assignment, how 6th through 8th writing develops, and what some of their concerns are about the world.  They write about happiness, helping Syrian refugees, obesity, world hunger, disease, terrorism, global warming, high rates of incarceration, homophobia, the right to education and many other concerning justice issues. - Erika Liedtke, Sixth Grade Humanities Teacher

Posted December 10, 2015