Inside SFS

Sam Green ’07

Peace Corps

Sam Green is halfway through his service as a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Kosovo, working mainly in youth development. He says his work has been focused on teaching youth about “the importance of critical thinking and the power of individual stories.” One of his projects partnered 13 high school students with professional photographers and filmmakers to learn how to present a powerful narrative. The students created their own photography exhibits, with stories ranging from the experience of sexual harassment to the restriction of movement for Kosovars in Europe.

Green writes, “Working with the youth in Kosovo and attempting to engage in these critical thinking heavy activities has made me reflect upon my own youth. The San Francisco School was a huge part of my childhood, and it offered an incredible variety in activity and space for reflection and discussion. Whether it was creating our own art projects with Karen Goodkin or delving deeply into a topic of our choice with the Proteus project in 6th Grade, The San Francisco School was the foundation that gave me the skill set and critical thinking skills I use daily in my career.”

Posted December 04, 2017