Inside SFS

Jenna French ’01

Disability Counselor & Learning Disability Specialist, Cañada College

Jenna French thinks of The San Francisco School as the place that helped her become a good person. “I always knew I wanted to be in a helping profession,” she says, also commenting that many of her SFS friends have chosen fields such as education, psychology, and medicine. Now a Disability Counselor and Learning Disability Specialist at Cañada College in Redwood City, French loves working with college students with learning differences. She advocates for accommodations for students, such as extended time on tests, provides academic counseling, assesses students to diagnose learning challenges, and teaches a course in study skills.

When asked what parts of her life The San Francisco School has influenced, French laughs. “What hasn’t it influenced?” She adds, “SFS really gave me a good sense of morals. I learned about protecting the environment through the Earth Day Rap, I learned from the civil rights movement and celebrating Martin Luther King… even doing chores, like the lunch cart, taught me respect and how to be good to others as you move through the world.”

Posted December 04, 2017