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Meet the Site Committee

The SFS Site Committee helps develop and maintain the physical structure of the school. Read on to learn more about the important work they do!

By Jeanie Chang, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees; Thor Denmark, Chair, Site Committee; and Keith Wolff, Member, Site Committee 

The San Francisco School’s 1.8 acres includes the original walls of the church (and some of its pews) in which the San Francisco Montessori School was founded in 1966; classic Portola homes for administration offices; the multipurpose Community Center; solar panels and an elaborate rainwater system culminating in a huge cistern; the barn and gazebo of the Adventure Playground…the list goes on and on. The Site Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the physical structures of the school. The committee oversees maintenance plans, including workdays, for current buildings; works with architects to develop plans for facility expansion or upgrade; researches land acquisition and suitability; and acts as liaison with appropriate agencies. Meet the trustees committed to the care of the our campus, Thor Denmark (8th and 6th Grade parent; Chair, Site Committee) and Keith Wolff (3rd Grade parent; Member, Site Committee).

What does the Site Committee do?

TD: Site guides implementation and planning decisions related to the campus. Along with our staff liaison Jeanette Moore, the Director of Finance and Operations, the committee helps plan and prioritize capital improvements. Time permitting, Site also explores various other ideas and initiatives to help best utilize the school’s spaces.

How did you become involved in the committee and/or the board? What interests, experiences, talents do you bring to the committee/board?

TD: Once upon a time I had the bandwidth and time to build some of the furniture and structures you see around campus. Site seemed like a good committee fit through which I could give back to the school community that has given so much to my three children. A few years later I find myself serving as a member of the Board of Trustees and now chairing the Site committee. It’s been a good ride, but I sure do miss swinging a hammer around campus!

KW: I was speaking with Steve Morris and asked if there was anything I could do to assist the school in its mission to better serve our community. Due to my background in real estate development and construction related activities, he thought the Site Committee would be a terrific fit where I could learn more about the school’s facilities and assist wherever possible. It has been a fantastic experience!

What kind of projects have you been working on? What does the Site Committee hope to accomplish this year?  

TD:  We’ve been working on planning capital improvements to keep the campus safe and efficient, because quite often a proactive approach to repairs will avoid what can end up as a more expensive longer term result associated with deferred maintenance. We’re also starting to look at the campus in terms of the strategic plan, and explore the use of that space and the intersection of place and program.

Can members of the community become involved?

TD:  Yes! Anyone with a background or experience in the areas of construction, building, architecture, city permitting, real estate management, etc… is strongly encouraged to come check out a Site Committee meeting and see if it’s an interesting way for you to give back to the school community. Even without one of those professional backgrounds, if you have experience managing and maintaining buildings and spaces – both indoor and outdoor – we’d love for you to come and see for yourself if Site is something you would be interested in (

Posted November 06, 2018