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Summer Notes 2021: Rising 2nd-8th Grades

Here is the assigned summer work for rising 2nd-8th graders. Please refer back to relevant ParentSquare posts and/or contact teachers directly with questions. 

Rising 2nd Grade:

Rising 3rd Grade:

Rising 4th Grade:

Rising 5th Grade:

There is reference to “Dreambox” in the math packet. If you are entering 6th Grade from SFS, you can still use your account for online skill reinforcement. If you are a new student to SFS, you can instead do digital lessons via Khan Academy as you see fit to reinforce your 5th Grade skills or pursue additional 6th Grade skills. Parents/Guardians can go to the main site ( and follow the directions to create an account for their child. When prompted, they should select 5th grade math. Students coming from SFS can use Khan Academy, too, if you prefer it over Dreambox. 

Rising 6th Grade:

Rising 7th Grade:

Rising 8th Grade:

Posted June 18, 2021