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SFS Congratulates Jalen Allen ‘08

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Jalen Allen ’08 has been a favorite among the students (& staff) of the afterschool and elementary school. As a Bay Area Teacher Training Institute (BATTI) Intern, Jalen has been an integral part of the 2nd and 3rd grade teaching teams for the past two years. His lessons have ranged from the science of machines to the construction of an expansive Miwok village diorama. As a talented artist, he has enlivened the classroom and sparked imagination with his clever, whimsical drawings and cartoons. He has captured delightful, small moments of daily life at SFS from behind a camera in the classroom and on the Adventure Playground. Because of his great creativity, gentle good humor, and captivating storytelling skills, his students adore him.

Retiring after more than thirty years at SFS, Laura Burges says, “It has been such a pleasure to share the Third Grade with Jalen Allen for two years. Jalen is a ‘natural.’ He is a gifted educator, responding to each child’s needs with acuity and compassion. His equanimity and expertise during School on the Go kept me and the class going during a difficult time. He plans his lessons impeccably and is also able to go with the flow and respond to the interests of the kids as they arise. Jalen is a wonderful storyteller and, during lunch time, takes incidents from his life and acts out hilarious improvs. I will miss Jalen, but know that he is more than ready to sail this ship himself!”

The SFS congratulates Jalen on his graduation from the BATTI program and earning his master’s degree this past spring. Furthermore, we are proud to welcome Jalen to the faculty of the SFS as a 3rd Grade Co-Head Teacher and the Lower School STEAM Teacher.

Posted September 03, 2020