Inside SFS

2020 Preschool/K Curriculum Open House 10/28

  • Curriculum Open House Welcome: Resilience, Flexibility, and Adaptability. Steve Morris (Head of School) asks, “Who does your child want to be?”  (or the importance of character) & Kate McElvaney (Head of Lower School) preparing children for success in an unpredictable world
  • Kindergarten Program: Kim Fabiani (K Teacher) and Kate McElvaney (Head of Lower School) discuss the Workshop Model for Academics and Play-Based Learning

 Music Program: Sofia Lopez-Ibor (Music Teacher) introduces the Orff Schulwerk school of music, movement, and dance, vocal expression, rhythm, instruments, integrated arts

Elementary Program: Maggie Day (Math Curriculum Coordinator and Former Head Teacher) provides an overview of the elementary school including a focus on Lower School Math

STEAM program: Carly Reiter (Director of Design, Engineering, and Technology) Integration of Technology in the Preschool, Elementary, & Middle School Curricula

Parent/Guardian Panels: Raveena (PS and ES), Kendrick (ES), & Fro (MS and alumni) on first impressions of SFS, memories of their children’s excitement about school, and examples of the teacher/student relationship. 

Class of 2017 Alumni Panel: Annika, Ben, & Aden remember exciting lessons at SFS and reflect on how SFS prepared them for life after middle school, how to choose a school, and how SFS supported learning differences/challenges, and the transition to high school (& keeping in touch).

Posted November 18, 2020