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8th Graders Study the Novel Coronavirus

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Examining COVID with a science, tech, humanities, and social justice lens

Facilitated by science teacher Eugene Stampley, 8th graders recently completed their 4 week study on the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus. Among other things, they learned about its structure and behavior as well as the organization, analysis, and presentation of data. Students explored and hypothesized about the COVID19 data from San Francisco as it relates to various communities across the county. Specifically, they analyzed data around ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status. In their final assignment, students shared the story of COVID19 in various forms by creating websites, apps, poems, pamphlets and more. In true SFS tradition, the project was a fusion of the many aspects of the pandemic, including science, technology, the humanities, and social justice.
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Leyla’s Website

Leyla's covid website


Caroline’s Website

Caroline Denmark's COVID website


Julien’s Website  

8th grade project


Naomi’s App

COVID app  

Poem, by Javier (Audio)

Small, deadly, ready to infect
Invisible to the eye
It inserts its DNA, then begins to collect
Your cells’ parts, then the cell dies

It binds to the surface and sticks to your cells
Inserts it genetic material and enslaves yourself
Fuses the DNAs and makes it make more of itself
Spreads many more viruses without guilt

They can be round, thin, tube-shaped, or isometric
They can have spikes on the outside to them help stick
If you have too many of them can make it quite hectic
They spread very quickly and make you quite sick

Sometimes they hide in your body undetected
If your body recognizes the disease you become more protected
You have to keep your body healthy and respect it
But while it hides it replicates and grows without inspection

It affects different people in different ways
Depending on your health it lasts different days
That’s why it’s important to listen to what doctors say
So don’t leave home just rest and stay

Posted December 16, 2020