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8th Grade Pandemic Stories

A Graphic Memoir Project

This spring, 8th graders launched into an ambitious Pandemic Stories graphic memoir project spanning the arts and humanities. In a collaboration with Humanities Teacher Araceli Quezada and Art Teacher Sadie Wilcox (as well as Head of Middle School Nancy Nagramada and Extended Day Teacher Nicole Gounalis) and Mission Local journalist Sindya Bhanoo, 8th grade students wrote and illustrated their own stories in the form of a 10-panel graphic memoir.

The Pandemic Stories are published on the Pulitzer Center’s blog and featured as a part of “Report Card,” a Mission Local project supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, where editor, reporter, and SFS collaborator Sindya Bhanoo is a Knight-Wallace Reporting Fellow.

Art Teacher Sadie Wilcox stated, “I offered this project to Middle School students so they could have the opportunity to document their pandemic experience through the arts. Not only can visual arts and writing be used as a tool for self-expression, but they provide an opportunity to better understand each other’s lived experiences.”

Posted July 14, 2021