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Science in Action: Third Grade Learns About Watershed Restoration

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The Third Grade received a special visit from SFS Parent Seth Gentzler, who shared about his work on restoration of wetlands and watersheds.

One topic of study for the Third Grade is the San Francisco Bay - including its history, cultures and ecology. In their science curriculum, the students have been learning about the importance of this ecosystem - how healthy wetlands and watersheds can provide oxygen and habitat, prevent flooding and erosion and help filter pollution.

On Wednesday the students saw how this knowledge gets put into action. Seth Gentzler, whose daughter Rell is in the class, works for URS Corporation as a Project Manager and Engineer. He shared two projects he is involved with - the removal of the San Clemente Dam at the Carmel River and the restoration of marshes south of Napa. 

Aria looks at plans for the San Clemente Dam

The students learned about the problems these projects faced and the solutions that the engineers identified and implemented, coming up with great questions and solutions themselves! They also got to see first hand some of the tools utilized in the projects and materials that the projects involved.

Thanks to Seth for a great visit!


Posted September 24, 2015