Inside SFS

Dimitri Barton ’08

Spanish Teacher
Alumnus ’08

A San Francisco native and SFS alumnus, Dimitri Barton has returned to his roots as a member of the Spanish department. After graduating from SFS, he attended Lick-Wilmerding High School where he began coaching, tutoring, mentoring, and as a senior, assisting classroom teachers, in what turned out to be the beginning of a passion for educating.

Recruited to play college soccer, Dimitri declared his major in Education Studies immediately upon arrival, becoming the first male-Education-major-soccer-player at Skidmore College. His next four years were spent split between the early education center on campus, local elementary school classrooms as a student teacher, and on the field. After graduating with a BS in Education Studies, Dimitri moved to Mexico where he taught and tutored math and English, coached and played soccer, and built tetherball sets out of recycled materials for local schoolyards.

After returning from Mexico with refined language, classroom, and construction skills (and a dog), he now spends his days on campus teaching Spanish, observing his colleagues and former teachers, eating lunch in the yard with his students, coaching futsal, and dropping in at Singing Time. He spends his summers teaching and site directing at Aim High, and camping and hiking with his partner and dog.