Inside SFS

Thea Anderson ’90

Alumna ’90
Chair, Diversity Committee 
Parent of 6th Grader
Alumni Parent ’14

Thea’s relationship with the school began in 1979, when she started her education in the North Class. She returned to the school in 1996 and 1997, working with the preschool summer and after-school programs, and has passed her love of SFS on to the next generation: her son is an alumnus (class of 2014) and her daughter is in second grade.

Thea’s professional life is centered around education. She was a public elementary school teacher in Los Angeles from 2004-2012, earned master’s degrees in Social Welfare and Public Health from UC Berkeley, and currently works for SFUSD at School Health Programs, supporting staff, students, and school communities in trauma-informed practices and racial equity work.

A Northern California native, she enjoys hiking, the Giants, crossword puzzles, and travel.