Inside SFS

Ali Gass

Parent of 7th & Alum, Class of 2023

Ali Gass has been a parent at The San Francisco school since 2014 when her kids started in the South Class as a Grasshopper and Kindergartner. Though she and her family briefly left San Francisco and SFS for a few years, they very happily returned home with an even deeper gratitude for the San Francisco School community and experience. Ali is grateful for the ways that a commitment to social emotional development weaves throughout every aspect of her kids’ daily lives at SFS. She knows how lucky her kids are to be somewhere that prioritizes helping them become thoughtful and kind members of their classroom, their city, their country
and their world! In the rest of her life, Ali spends time with her French bulldog, her Himalayan cat, and is the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art San Francisco.