Inside SFS

Paige Sandoz

4th Grade Teacher

Paige grew up in the midwest for most of her life, but spent her elementary years in the Bay Area. She always dreamed of coming back to the place that smelled of eucalyptus and where she could eat an In-N-Out burger by the beach. 

After graduating from University of Arizona during the recession, California wasn’t an option, so she moved to Seoul where she taught English at a Kindergarten for a year. Though she loved Seoul and would miss late night karaoke & BBQ, she landed a teaching job at an American international school in Shanghai where she taught 4th grade for two years. Again, she fell in love with Shanghai and her students there, but she was worried that she had become too accustomed to life as an expat and wanted to return to the U.S. to get teaching experience there.

In 2014, after applying to jobs only in California, Paige interviewed via Skype (so ahead of her time!) and was hired as the teaching assistant for 4th Grade. She fell in love with the SFS community and was hired as the 4th grade head teacher the following year. In 2015, Paige also earned a Master’s in Educational/Instructional Technology, which served her students and SFS especially well during the pandemic. This is her 8th year teaching at SFS. She is still teaching 4th grade with a focus on humanities and social-emotional learning.

Paige is very honored and excited to be part of the Board of Trustees. She hopes to understand the School more deeply, learn from this diverse group of people, and share her perspective as a teacher.