Sofia Lopez-Ibor

I work in music education because I am more interested in the process of making music than in being a performer only working on the final product.

I was born in Madrid, Spain and went to a school that had wonderful music classes. Growing- up singing, playing xylophones, dancing, singing, reciting poetry and dancing was a great foundation to become a music teacher. Later I studied recorder, flute and Baroque music in Madrid and London, and specialized in music pedagogy in Madrid and Salzburg, Austria (Orff Institute- Mozarteum). I have taught music since I was 19 years old. I came to The San Francisco School in 1996 and I still enjoy walking into the main gate every morning, getting into the quiet music room and imagining the sound explorations and rhythms of the day. I also teach private lessons on recorder and flute. Part of the year I work as an adult teacher educator in hands-on music courses all over the world. I have written many books and articles about music education and received awards for developing music teacher associations. I love spending the winter and summer vacations with my family in Spain.