Jane Loeser

Our school is a community. That sounds hokey and overused, but it’s true.

I started at the San Francisco school in 1987 as a teacher in the 4th and 5th grades. After teaching 2 years, I took two years maternity leave to have a daughter and son, and returned to teach 2nd grade for the next 7 years. My husband and I then had a third child, and I took a few years off from the SFS before returning to share the position of co-cook with Patty Corwin. All 3 of my children attended SFS; I feel that this community is truly my second home, and that I’m so lucky to have been a part of it for in the role of teacher, parent and cook. It makes my day when the students and staff come into the kitchen, ask “What’s for lunch?” and gather around the table (or wheel their food-laden carts back to the classroom) to enjoy a healthy, delicious lunch.