Sarah Wood

Born in Kentucky, I enjoyed an unplugged and barefoot childhood.

After getting my Masters in Early Childhood Education, I knew these experiences would be fundamental in my teaching career. My first opportunity to put this belief into practice was through the use of an inquiry based approach to teach pre-kindergarten in a small fishing village outside of Charleston, SC. Four years later, I felt the pull to move out of the Deep South and into a more progressive environment.

Walking into The San Francisco School a few days after my cross-country move in June 2014, I felt an immediate sense of community.  I was hooked! I started working in the summer program “floating” around our eclectic camps and at the end of the summer transitioned into my current position of Special Programs Director.

Travel is one of my true passions and I am always in the process of planning my next trip. When in town, you can find me soaking up the sunshine in a local park, catching the latest movie, or swimming in a heated pool (not the Bay…yet).             

415.239.5065 ext. 216