Chris Mader

Middle school is an exciting time for students to explore who they are in this world. That wonder & curiosity, testing & exploring while seeking meaning and relevancy are important elements to making sense of their world. It’s exciting to be part of the SFS community that explicitly values, embraces and cultivates that many layered journey!

It’s been quite a wonderful journey for me to get here to The San Francisco School! I ‘grew up’ on the east coast, elementary through high school in northern New Jersey and college in Maine. The journey then took me to Wyoming, on to Albuquerque, NM, and most recently Portland, OR. I couldn’t be more excited to be here!

I have been teaching middle and high school science in independent schools for over 20 years. Classroom teaching began for me at Sandia Preparatory School in Albuquerque, NM and most recently Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, OR. As with many independent school faculty, I have had various roles including PK-12 Science Chair, Outdoor Leadership Program Faculty, Risk Management Coordinator and middle school advisor. I have presented at national and regional conferences on subjects ranging from implementing Understanding by Design in curriculum development to facilitating new teacher institutes to using computer simulations to teach critical thinking and reasoning.

Early on in my teaching career I instructed for the National Outdoor Leadership School leading thirty-day mountaineering course in remote Wilderness ‘classrooms’. My passion for Wilderness preservation (and fly fishing) was born through my years instructing for NOLS. Though I don’t carry a heavy pack on NOLS courses any longer, I do stay connected with the school through occasionally teaching weekend long Wilderness First Aid Courses.

I have a BS in Forest Resources from The University of Maine at Orono and an MAT Secondary Science from The University of New Mexico.

415.239.5065 ext. 134