Malcolm Norman ’06

The San Francisco School is a community like no other.

I have an Associates of Science in the Social Behavioral Sciences and I am also a certified Early Childhood Practitioner. Working in the North Class Preschool/Kindergarten I am at the forefront of the school’s implementation of its mission: helping every student’s humanitarian promise bloom. In the Preschool/Kindergarten we work on questions and conflicts that students will be trying to solve for the rest of their lives; “How can I be independent and still be part of the group?” “How can I be powerful and understand the effect I have on others?” “How can I be myself while also being an important part of the group?” It is my joy to be part of a community where everyday we strive to become better.

I am attending San Francisco State and City College of San Francisco still deciding what graduate in. My current credits could lead to a BA in Economics while my heart desires to pursue the study of Child Development. 

In the meantime when not at school I am trying to put my ideas on paper so I can start self publishing my picture books for children.