Liz Curley

The positive energy at The San Francisco School is palpable, and I love it!

Students, parents and my colleagues all project the passion, enthusiasm and hard work they want to receive, and that is an incredibly motivating force. Every day that I teach I feel as if my professional education is continuing, because I’m surrounded by some of the most thoughtful colleagues I’ve ever worked with. In addition to being a learning specialist and classroom teacher at SFS, I formally taught across several elementary grades and as a math specialist in both NYC and Washington D.C. While receiving my Psychology and International Policy degrees at Michigan State University I worked with victims of domestic violence and children diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, then moved to the Big Apple for my Master’s Degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education. In addition to my varied professional experiences both of my parents were teachers, and taught me that a kind and genuine human connection would only strengthen the lesson you are trying to teach. I see these connections every day at SFS and the positive impact it has on our children in the classroom.