Isaac Mraz

The San Francisco School has a light filled energetic flow to it full of the Aloha spirit - which in my eyes is essentially to love, share and give, thus creating peace, unity, and community.

So, I was drawn here by that collaborative effort and warm fuzzy feeling from the students, staff and parents you get when you know you have arrived at home. This place reminds me of my own childhood growing up under the redwood trees in the Santa Cruz mountains in a one stop sign town where everyone knows your name. We also ate from organic gardens, composted and re-used everything long before it became common day practice.

In adulthood, I decided to study Visual Anthropology at San Francisco State University where my emphasis was conflict resolution in the confines of surfing and environmental preservation. My studies led to alliances with Surfrider Foundation and the creation of W.A.V.E., or Waveriders Against Violence Exchange. These experiences created new opportunities that also came out of previous ones: I’ve worked with physically and mentally challenged as well as at risk youth in Oregon’s national forests, whitewater guided, tackled various facets of construction, financial services, and studied and taught tennis, yoga and breath work.

I’m an amalgam in many ways as my father has been living in Mexico City for the past 35 years and my mother was born and raised in Sweden, so I am constantly drawn to new ideas, ways of thinking, travels, adventures, people and places.