Inside SFS

Rachel Benson

Parent ’24 and ’26

Rachel and her family fell in love with The San Francisco School in 2013 when their daughter first began as a Cricket. Since then, their passion for the school’s mission, values, and education has continued to deepen and their involvement has grown.

Born and raised in New York City but now a San Franciscan of nearly 20 years, Rachel is passionate about storytelling and helping others tell their stories. She began her career in publishing at The Economist Group, continued into advertising, and then left to start her own small, but mighty, video production company specializing in helping organizations, non-profits, and individuals bring their important stories to light.

Rachel earned a BA from Connecticut College in International Relations and French and a Masters in Broadcast and Communication Arts from San Francisco State University. She enjoys music of all kinds, dancing to all kinds of music (but mostly 90s Hip Hop), short visits back to New York City, and fun adventures in general with her husband, Mike Demmer, and their two children. She has served as an SFS tour guide, room parent, class captain, and founding chair of the Family Association.