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The San Francisco School’s summer camps in arts, music, language, and play-based learning engage students in a world of imagination and creativity.

Check Back in January for a full list of our Summer 2018 camp offerings. 

Here is a summary of our Summer 2017 at SFS: 

Elementary Programs 

River Camp: Land of the Tree People (rising 3rd through rising 6th graders) 

River Camp looks skyward this year! Young architects and storytellers will work individually and together to create a society of people and creatures who live along a river flanked by towering exotic tree-houses! Each child will devise a vertical landscape to include trees, trees-houses, areal gardens, exotic birds, bird people, angels, fairies, scary creatures, mythological figures and mysterious elevated habitations. These architectural features will made using a variety of craft media using wood, paper, cardboard, clay, dyed plants, cleverly repurposed recycled materials and lots of tiny plastic play creatures. Along the way campers will learn about architecture, design, and a smidgen of biology and geology. The highly social and creative process involving art, craft, design and plenty of social play will culminate in 35-foot river landscape will be the centerpiece for a Grand Tour for parents and friends! After the exhibition each child will be able to take home their work to be played with and shared with others.

NOTE: This camp presumes an interest in developing craft-skill and demands periods of collaboration, creative focus and self-direction. 

Cooking Round the USA (rising 1st through rising 3rd graders) 

Each state has its own foods and recipes that are indicative to that state. We will be “visiting” 5 states - Florida, Idaho, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky -and cook and eat dishes that that state is known for: Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake from Florida;  Corn and Potato Mini Pancakes with Mango Salsa from Idaho; Pennsylvania white pizza; potato knishes from New York, Kentucky fried chicken and more. Mmmmmm! Other additional activities include a cooking demo, trivia facts from each state, a playground game, a slide show, and a trivia game about the state each day. 

Eat Your Colors Cooking Camp (rising 1st through rising 3rd graders) 

What’s better than eating a rainbow of colors! Red Monday: baked ziti, red velvet pancakes, watermelon salad, strawberry cake; Brown Tuesday: Pad See Ew, Pumpernickel grilled cheese, Haitian brown rice and beans, Chile brownies; Yellow Wednesday: mac ‘n cheese, deviled eggs, cornbread, lemon jam cookies; White Day: fettuccini alfredo, white bean hummus with pita, potato salad, ricotta cookies; Green Friday: Spinach quiche, pesto pasta, cucumber avocado salad, green tea cookies with mint chip ice cream centers.There will be games, a cooking demo each day and a story with the same color theme, and we ask that campers dress in the color of the day.

Robotics with Alec (rising 3rd through rising 6th) 

In this week long camp, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of robotics design and programming, using the VEX IQ robotics platform. Students will be divided into teams who will compete to complete several challenges using a robot of their design and construction.  Learning Activities are hands-on, engaging, and focus on the engineering design process of Think-Do-Test.  In addition to robotics design and programming, campers will explore the outdoors, have time to be creative and socialize with team-building activities.  

Preschool Programs (rising four-year-olds through rising 1st graders) 

Bodies in Motion with Talia

A combination of mindfulness, teamwork, individual goal setting, and friendly competition, Bodies in Motion will bring out the inner athlete in everyone! We will practice yoga, gymnastics, soccer, and basketball. Age-appropriate games will emphasize fun and the development of gross motor skills, such as movement, throwing, kicking, catching, and striking. The camp will also include read alouds about famous athletes, cheer songs, and even some sportsmanship role play acting. 

All About the Environment with Robyn

This week long camp will focus on all things in our local environment. First, students will construct Field Journals, in which they will make notes & drawings about what they observe. They will go on Sensory Saunters around the yard & neighborhood looking under leaves and turning over stones to see who and what we can find, collect items for collage, and even go on a bear hunt. They will spend time in the kitchen making granola, and round out the week with lots of books & songs. All in all they will learn to observe and preserve our natural surroundings. 

Succulents and Sports with Maggie

Students will fill their days with a mix of crafting creative succulent holders and playing a variety of games and sports.  Succulent options will range from simple jar creations to found art holders to ceramic wall hanging versions.  Games will range from Snake in the Grass to Floor Hockey.  Sports will include Soccer, Basketball and a summertime favorite - whiffleball!  Basic skill development and rules will certainly be covered.  Parents will wish they could attend this camp too. 

Storybook Adventures with Sarah 

Travel to Paris with Madeline, Africa with Anansi, China with Stillwater the Panda and more all without leaving San Francisco.  In this week long camp, children will learn about global cultures through literature, food, games, and art.  Students will play and learn together as they navigate our school’s Adventure Playground and expansive yards in addition to the wonders of our community through walks to Palega Park and the Portola Library.  On warmer days we will unleash the water and enjoy Spray Days.    

A Sensational Summer with Malcolm 

A fun filled week of crafts and activities inspired by Bay Area wild life, nature and culture. Students will play games and make art to learn about the creatures and plants they come in contact with every day on their own preschool playground while also learning about the city and the wider world around them. While enjoying activities such as book making or creating their own memory games students will increase their confidence in their reading, writing and math abilities. Students will also take field trips to the local library and parks all within walking distance!

General Camp Details

Camp Hours: 9:00 - 3:00 pm with morning Extended Day offered from 8:00-9:00 and afternoon Extended Day offered from 3:00- 5:00

Summer Camp refund policy: 

  • Up until May 1: Receive a full refund minus a $25 processing fee per session cancelled.   

  • May 2 until June 1: Receive a refund minus a cancellation of $100 per session.

  • After June 1: No refunds

  • Policy applies to all cancellations, regardless of sign-up date

  • All refunds will be credited via original payment method.