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The San Francisco School’s summer camps in arts, music, language, and play-based learning engage students in a world of imagination and creativity.

SFS Summer Camp Details (updated June 17, 8:00 am)

SFS is offering on campus summer camps for PSK - 5th grade students from July 6 - 24. Please note that to minimize contact and mitigate risk of viral spread on campus, this summer’s camps are limited to SFS families only. 

We are also offering an online art class for middle school students from July 27 -  August 7 (please scroll down for more details).


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted this year’s summer camp offerings by requiring smaller groups of children and by specifying the length of each camp session. Therefore, the enrollment is limited. 

  • Camp will run from July 6 to July 24, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm 
  • Aftercare will not be available
  • Camp will consist of one 3-week session
    • Per San Francisco DPH guidelines, attendance at all three weeks is mandatory.
    • Participants may not skip any week or they will be withdrawn and there will be no refund. 
  • There will be four age groups:
    • PS/K (on campus) - one pod of 10 kids
    • 1st - 2nd Grade (on campus) - two pods of 12 kids each (total 24)
    • 3rd - 5th Grade (on campus) - one pod of 12 kids
  • We will not be able to accommodate children or staff with asthma, a heart condition, diabetes, or other serious underlying medical conditions as outlined by the CDC
  • Each camp will have two staff instructors
  • Camps are only open to families of The San Francisco School
  • The cost for three weeks is $1,425 

Camp Themes 

Sensational Summer (PS/K) We’re going to really mix it up! Our youngest campers will be participating in camps that offer a little bit of everything – art projects, experimenting with STEM, and, of course, lots of games and stories. We’ll make sure they get a healthy dose of fresh air each day with plenty of activities to get the wiggles out. 

  • Instructors: Angelica Faustino, Dahlia Quezada, and Ana Araya. 

Citizen Kid (Rising 1st - 2nd Grade) Even when you can’t travel to a new place, we can still see the world with new eyes. In this summer of staycations, we will be exploring the world around us, from our communities to our own backyard. Citizen kid is about learning about the world, finding our social purpose, and expressing gratitude. In our 3-week program, we’ll be making everything from meditative mandalas to health care awareness posters, natural dying to handmade paper. We will be focusing on teamwork, kindness, self- reflection, plants, and repurposing – all while social distancing.  We’ll make sure they get as much vitamin D as Karl the Fog will allow.
Week 1: Acts of Beauty and Kindness
Let’s show the power of the collective community when we work together to promote empathy, awareness, and creative solutions! Campers will collaborate on a communal art project, visit art in public outdoor spaces, reflect through letter writing and calligraphy arts.
Week 2: Plant Magic and Potions
Harness the magical properties of plant life and learn how cultures all around the world have used plants in every aspect of human life through nourishment, clothing, adornment, and healing. Shibori dye cloth with plants, make solar tea potions, create pigment paints and seed bomb the city.
Week 3: Fantastic Trash
Explore refashioning cast offs and recyclables into modernist sculptures, create textiles, and make book art and handmade paper that will go into a COVID capsule journal.

  • Age requirement: Children must at least be entering 1st grade in Fall 2020 in order to sign up for Citizen Kid.
  • Instructors: Jeanette Au and Mallory McDaniel

Wild Earth Camp (Rising 1st - 2nd Grade) At Wild Earth Camp, campers will meet local plants and animals, learn wilderness skills, create land art, and build deep connections with friends. Each week, students will have fun in nature, drawing inspiration from wildlife to dream up their own home in nature by building their very own dens using foraged materials! Our days will include visits to McLaren Park, Glen Park, and St. Mary’s Park where they will create their own art installations which will be photographed for parents.  Along the way, students will challenge themselves at an obstacle course, trek through the forest, while taking away a deep experiential understanding of why the natural world needs to be protected.
Activities include land art creations, hiking and scavenger hunts, team-building sports, games, and obstacle courses; and outdoor education such as rope skills and building structures with natural scavenged materials.

  • Age requirement: Children must at least be entering 1st grade in Fall 2020 in order to sign up for Wild Earth Camp.
  • Instructors: Jenny Bernstein and Alex Ahrens

Drills and Skills (Rising Grade 3-6) Our older students will work together on fun specialized projects like creative writing, digital art, and STEAM that will challenge and build the skills that will propel them into the year ahead. It’s a program designed to keep students active and engaged while working together as a team – even while social distancing. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure they get plenty of outdoor and gym time, too!  

  • Instructors Michael Travis and Jalen Allen 

CLASS ONLINE (Middle School, 6 - 8th Grade)

Middle School Art Portfolio Development Class: Drawing FoundationsFoundation drawing skills are the core of any two- or three-dimensional art disciplines. This two week workshop is intended to help students build skills and begin developing an art portfolio — and most importantly, to have fun while drawing!

We will focus on line drawing, volume, shading, composition, perspective, and proportion with a variety of media — graphite, charcoal, and ink.  Landscape, portraits, still life, and figure drawing will be explored.  Students will learn to stage a compelling composition to draw a still life.

  • July 27 - August 7, Monday - Friday, 12:00 - 2:00 pm
  • Cost: $300
  • 10 students maximum (a minimum of 5 students required to offer this class)
  • Instructor Jeanette Au 

On Campus Guidelines for Health and Safety and Important Information

Easy Curbside Drop-off & Pick-up. Caregivers stay in the car the entire time (camp is a child- and staff-only zone) and we’ll have a staffer with personal protective equipment check students in at the front gate during a staggered drop-off and pick up schedule, provide a temperature screening and make sure they’ve got everything they need for the day – including a personal mask, lunch, water bottle, and sunscreen.  

Ready. Set. Physical Distance. Currently, we require all campers to wear masks, with exceptions at certain times (e.g. lunch). PSK students will be encouraged to wear masks and will be kept physically distant in accordance with DPH and CDC guidelines. These policies are subject to change. 

Not Sharing is Caring. All supplies will be for individual use. There will also be no group sharing of food. Each camper must bring their own lunch and snacks which they will eat in a designated area.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat. We’ll make sure the kids wash and sanitize their hands frequently and help them to avoid touching their faces as much as possible. We’ll also do a nightly deep clean of all the surfaces in the camp rooms.

Stay Healthy. If a camper does get sick while at camp, we will have a nurse on-site and a designated room where they can wait while we contact you. Prior to the start of camp, we will share the SFS Health and Safety plan developed by the School in accordance with the required local mandates.

Other Guidelines from the SF Department of Health

  • Summer Camps must limit group size to 12 children (a “pod”) per room or space
  • Children must remain in the same pod for three weeks. Children must attend the first week of the session in order to come to the camp. Failure to show for any week of the 3-week session will result in withdrawal with no refund. 
  • Children will be temperature-screened daily and parents should not bring their child to camp if the child or any member of the household, had a fever, cough, or shortness of breath in the last 24 hours or if the child had contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus in the last two weeks.
  • Caregivers will not be permitted on campus.
  • There will be a staggered drop off and pick up schedule.  We will customize a joint sibling drop-off plan on a case by case basis.

Pre-Camp Communication
All parents should receive an email by Wednesday, July 1. This will include a COVID-specifc camp waiver along with information such as where to drop off and pick up your child, what to bring, outing and special activities information, contact information for the camp leaders, and any other important information such as our Health and Safety Plan. If you do not receive this email, please let us know! 

What To Bring
All campers must have a personal mask. Bring sunscreen, a healthy bag lunch, a snack, and a refillable water bottle to each day of camp. Campers should wear appropriate clothing to camp: sneakers (closed-toe shoes), layers, etc. Please label everything.

Medical Conditions
Please be sure to inform us of any important medical conditions prior to the start of camp. It really helps us prepare to provide the best experience for your child. We will be using a registration waiver to collect your child’s medical information. You will receive a waiver and health and safety protocols via email prior to the start of the session.

Payment due upon registration. No refunds. Children must attend the first week of the session in order to come to the camp. Failure to show for any week of the 3-week session will result in withdrawal with no refund.

Camp Cancelation 
Camps that do not meet minimum registration may be canceled. If we need to cancel a camp prior to camp starting, we will notify you immediately and full refunds will be made available.

Photo Policy 
Occasionally photos may be taken of participants in the programs, classes, and activities. These photos may be used in future summer program guides, SFS website, pamphlets or flyers.

Register online here.