Our Mission

Educational Philosophy

“Each (of us) has a special characteristic that makes us wholly ourselves…There is in the soul of a child an impenetrable secret that is gradually revealed as it develops.”
-Maria Montessori

At The San Francisco School, we believe students learn best when the following tenets are an integral part of their experience:

Curiosity. Students are natural explorers. We encourage students to ask meaningful questions and structure experiences for them to arrive at their own moments of discovery.               

NatureBridge 2019       


Challenge. Students take great pleasure in progressing toward mastery. We cultivate learning by designing lessons with varied and increasing complexity.


Collaboration. Students grow through working with others. We model and teach teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving across grades and disciplines.



Courage. Students are empowered when they face their fears. We urge students to take risks and embrace their mistakes.

Ice Skating 2018


Compassion. Students are capable of astonishing kindness and empathy. We inspire students to think beyond themselves and believe that their actions make a difference.

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