In The Classroom

Learning at The San Francisco School is engaging, creative, challenging, and fun!

For 55 years , we have built an academic program inspired by our mission to foster a passion for learning in students from a diverse range of families .

Children at SFS love to come to school because they feel challenged and supported. They work together and learn in-depth about topics that matter to them. Their classes combine time-tested techniques with the latest developments and their learning is guided by passionate teachers and staff . For more specific details, please visit the division pages and subject areas; for a broader overview, please see our curriculum guide

Our academic program is well-established - SFS graduates go off to thrive at great high schools  and colleges. We pride ourselves on the fact that our graduates  enter the world as global citizens and as people who think beyond themselves. It is our belief that just as much as we need to focus on giving our students the academic skills and abilities they need to succeed, we have to give them an equal amount of the prosocial skills: sharing, cooperating, and helping one another.

It is important to us that our students understand not just what they want to be but who they want to be as well.

Our child is excited about what he is learning, challenged to be his best self, and happy to go to school each day.”
— SFS Parent