Elyse Wolland

I am most passionate about connecting with, learning from, and teaching young people, especially when it comes to exploring learning differences and self-advocacy issues.

I grew up on the East Coast and for the first half of my life considered myself a New Yorker.  I studied Women’s Studies and Comparative Religion and received my Teaching Credential from Dartmouth College. I followed my brother to the West Coast right after college, craving a little independence, and have lived here ever since.  For 9 years, I taught Third Grade at an alternative Elementary school in Cupertino. During that time, I returned to school to enhance my teaching skills and better understand the diverse learning styles of my students. I received my master’s in Special Education and my Education Therapy Credential from San Francisco State. I have been in Learning Services at The San Francisco School since 2001.  

I live with my partner, Jennifer, our son Zac (SFS class of 2019) and our two cats in Pacifica.  I now consider myself more a Californian than a New Yorker.  I enjoy biking, hiking, and spending time outside with my family, and I love the community of students, teachers, and parents at SFS.