7th Grade


The 7th Grade Humanities program encourages a joy of reading, develops critical writing skills, and guides students in an exploration of systems of power as seen in literary and historical texts.

In addition to using Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economics, and Social Structures (G.R.A.P.E.S.) as a lens to study history, students read class novels, short stories, and poetry, as well as pursue independent reading choices selected from classic and contemporary literature that enrich their understanding of diverse experiences and voices. Students are exposed to a range of writings through fiction, non-fiction, and a class reader. They use a social-cultural critical lens to examine characters and themes and to make historical connections. The course is tightly integrated with an emphasis on learning close reading strategies, literary analysis, using evidence to support ideas, and helping students find their voice in their own writing. These skills are emphasized whether the focus is history, current events, or a novel. Ultimately, 7th Graders are encouraged to think critically and write clearly through many opportunities for practice.

Essential Questions

  • How do I combine structure, textual evidence, commentary, and beautiful language to compose a meaningful essay?
  • How do I find my voice and then use it in my writing?
  • How do I shape and organize my ideas so they are clear?
  • How can I find and use evidence to support my ideas?
  • In studying systems of power, religious diversity, and geography, is it possible to identify patterns in history?
  • How do we learn about historical events?  Who decides what really happened?
  • How do we learn about the experiences of different groups when history does not always mention them?

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