The San Francisco School Preschool is a child-centered, play-based program that encourages children to become more independent, responsible, and compassionate.

Over the years, The San Francisco School has blended traditional Montessori materials and approaches with the best of other early childhood approaches such as Reggio-Emilia, play, and inquiry-based. All philosophies are grounded in the belief of children’s abilities and utilization of their natural curiosity.

Children are busy, engaged, and social. SFS provides a safe yet challenging environment where children learn to make friends, work together, and resolve conflicts.

The Preschool at SFS is divided into three- and four-year old classes. Each classroom has approximately 24 students and a team of four teachers (one Head Teacher and two Teaching Assistants). We offer a diverse social-emotional curriculum as students share their experiences; learn to recognize, name, and understand their emotions; and modify their behaviors in support of a strong community. Teaching and learning is based on current research and brain science. Daily activities include independent and small-group work periods, circle time, outdoor play, and time for academic focus on early literacy, numeracy, science, and Spanish. Additionally, students’ creativity, well-being, and expression are amplified through experiences in music and Health & Wellness classes from our team of specialists.

The program builds the groundwork for young children’s sense of empathy and responsibility, humanitarian promise, and courage in learning. Developing personal responsibility is a core component of the program. Practical life experiences help children develop a variety of skill as well as a sense of ownership in their small community. Preschoolers experience diversity at an early age and develop relationships with their teachers and peers, acknowledging differences and learning inclusiveness.

At SFS, we believe students learn best when the following tenets are an integral part of their experience: curiosity, challenge, collaboration, courage, and compassion. For more please visit the website and read about our educational philosophy.

In the Preschool at The San Francisco School, we believe: 

  • children are capable, competent and creative
  • play is a key part of learning and introduces children to social skills as well as learning about their peers in forms of language, customs and culture
  • children should be engaged in skill building and responsibility around real-life skills
  • children should investigate and explore, not just sit and listen 
  • children learn in many different ways and it’s important to have various ways for children to show what they know and various ways to learn
  • teachers should see themselves as learners so that we can be in the process of active learning alongside the children