8th Grade


The 8th Grade mathematics program helps students develop the habits and skills necessary to continue learning beyond the course itself.  

Eighth Grade mathematicians mature as students by taking the time to understand concepts deeply, relating them to real-world observations, and working to generalize principles so that their mathematical practice becomes an integration of concrete experiences and the problem-solving power of abstract ideas. In day-to-day work, students are encouraged to express their thinking through clear, persuasive use of language, symbols, and graphics, to work towards understanding why various solutions do and do not work, to guess, check, defend, change their minds, and to change the minds of others. The primary curriculum for middle school math is Open Up Resources – Illustrative Mathematics, which is supplemented by rich problems, extensions, and practical assignments. 

Topics learned during the year include rigid transformations and congruence; dilations, similarity, and slope; linear relationships; linear equations and systems; functions and volume; associations in bivariate data; the Pythagorean theorem; and irrational numbers.

Essential Questions

  • How can one idea answer many different questions?
  • What makes one solution better than another?
  • How does following up on mistakes empower me?

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