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Board of Trustees

Committee on Equity and Belonging

The Committee on Equity and Belonging supports the overall diversity of the SFS community and a multicultural, inclusive school.

The mission of the Committee on Equity and Belonging is to cultivate a rich multicultural and inclusive school environment and increase and support the overall diversity of the staff and student community by 1) ensuring board practices remain mission-aligned with respect to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice and 2) recommending policies and structures that honor and embrace each child, family, and staff member at the school.

SFS Statement on Diversity, Equity, Justice, and Belonging

At the core of The San Francisco School (SFS) are the values of diversity, equity, justice, and belonging. From what we teach to how we teach it, we commit to model  these values and instill them in our students. SFS actively supports all individuals to be their complete, authentic selves and fosters a community grounded in social and environmental justice.  As a result of this effort, we aim for every person to thrive in an inclusive and culturally-rich context, fueled by diversity of thought, perspective, and experience, that enhances learning and supports the ability of individuals to fulfill their humanitarian promise.

The San Francisco School delivers on our mission by modeling and promoting equity, justice, interculturalism, neurodiversity, environmental sustainability, and peace in our work. SFS’s commitment to being an equitable and inclusive community is intentionally woven into every facet of the School experience.  Whether it’s through academic and athletic opportunities, assemblies, school governance, committee work, or ongoing professional and curriculum development, SFS embraces each community member.

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