School Life

Adventure Playground

The Adventure Playground is a place where our city kids can connect with the natural world and let their imaginations run free. They can climb trees, pick flowers, play in the dirt, and build forts.

We intentionally leave the Adventure Playground wild - preserving a place where children can climb trees, pick flowers, play in the dirt, and build forts.

On any given day, you might find students eating spicy leaf burritos with edible flower petals wrapped in sorrel leaves, teaming up to set up the boards and logs into a new structure, squealing excitedly as they make their way down the 50 ft slide, organizing clubs or activities for younger kids, or catching some cozy time with the barn animals.

Students head to the Adventure Playground during recesses, before and after school, to explore during science times and writing projects, and also during stewardship periods to tend the garden, tend to the compost, or care for the animals. And during their STEAM classes, students gather in the Field Station to get messy, be curious, explore, and learn in the great outdoors.

Our children feel the texture of rough bark on their hands, they smell wet earth as they dig, they know how to wrap up a goat at its knees to carry it safely, and they learn that the natural world is something to cherish and protect.