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Book Nook

Featuring a collection of recommended reading on a new theme each month 


September 2021 Part 2 : Interview with Michelle De Leon

Last May, our Middle School Library Committee interviewed staff members to talk about books,
books, and more books! 7th grader Malina chatted with Michelle De Leon, SFS’s Upper School Program and Admissions Associate. 

September 2021 Part 1 : National Literacy Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month

This month in the library, we’re excited about National Literacy Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month! Here are some of recommendations in honor of both celebrations. Just click on the book cover to see a summary from the review site, Kirkus.


island born

my papi has a motorcycle

cool salsa

stella diaz

marcus vega

lucky broken girl



May 2021, Part 2: SFS Staff Interview

The Middle School Library Committee (MSLC) would like to share its first interview with SFS staff members: Head of Upper School Nancy Nagramada.

Huge thanks to our fabulous MSLC member and 6th-grader Sasha for this wonderful and insightful interview about Nancy’s favorite childhood books, authors, and literary genres.

May 2021, Part 1: Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

Happy Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Month!

The month of May is a time for recognizing the contributions to and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans on the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. Discover some of our favorite books by Asian/Pacific Islander authors and featuring Asian/Pacific Islander characters and culture.






April 2021: Book Reviews


Check out these fabulous reviews! Middle School Library Committee member and 6th grader Malina reviews her favorite book series, while 5th graders share their recommendations.

Middle School Library Committee Reviews

Malina on Keeper of the Lost Cities, by Shannon Messenger

Sasha on Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan

5th Grade Reviews

Out of Left Field

Out of Left Field, by Ellen Klages

“This is an amazing book to inspire young girls to break the limits and do what they want. It has an amazing story and was just over all great!!!! Definitely read it.” -Brooke






lost hero

The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan

I loved reading this book because it was in the same setting as one of my favourite books, Percy Jackson.” -Shiv







ivanThe One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate

So good really sweet and one of my favorite books ever!!!!!!” -Sasha








hurricane childHurricane Child, by Kacen Callender

“Amazing book!” -Kira








8-bit kittenTales of an 8-Bit Kitten: Lost in the Nether, by Cube Kid

“Loved how it was so up-to-date and actually followed the Minecraft rules! Don’t see so many of those types of books, so I hope they come out with the next one soon!” - Carter






trials of apolloTrials of Apollo, by Rick Riordan

“Very funny book intertwined with greek mythology and tons of action.” -Aristu

March 2021 Part 2: New Books!

 These are brand new editions to the SFS Library catalog — check them out!

Just click on any book below to see a review from Kirkus.

It's Trevor Noah Bomb Little Dreamers Awesome Friendly Adventure Awesome Friendly Kid Not My Idea Better World Our House is on Fire Sofia Valdez, Future Prez Diary of a Worm


March 2021 Part 1: Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting books in the SFS Library and on the SORA app about outstanding women. 

Just click on any book below to see a review from Kirkus.

Available in the SFS Library

A is for Abigail

Ada Lovelace Poet of Science

Amelia to Zora

Lives of Extraordinary Women

Women Warriors 

Available on the SORA App

Rad Women Worldwide

Rad Girls Can

Fly Girls

Rocket Girls










February 2021 Part 2: MORE Black History Month!

To celebrate both Black History Month and our STEAM program, we’re highlighting outstanding Black scientific innovators with important and impactful achievements! Just click on any book below to see a review from Kirkus. All materials available either at the SFS Library or on our new SORA app! 

Available in the SFS Library

Mae Among the Stars

The Boy Who Harnassed the Wind

Dream Builder


The Girl With a Mind for Math

Brendan Buckley's Universe

Little Leaders : Bold Women in Black History

George Washington Carver

Five Brilliant Scientists

Outward Dreams

Hidden Figures

Wangari's Trees of Peace

Available in the SFS Library AND on the SORA App

Hidden Figures

George Washington Carver

The Vast Wonder of the World

February 2021 Part 1: Black History Month

February is Black History Month and we’re kicking off the celebration with book and video recommendations by African American authors, artists, and illustrators, featuring African American characters and themes that address life in black communities.

The recommended books are separated into two categories:

  • Available in the SFS Library
  • Available in the SFS Library AND on the new SORA app

Clicking on any book image below will take you to a review from Kirkus, a favorite book review site.

If you still haven’t gotten started on the fabulous SORA app for eBooks and audiobooks, please check out my instructions for getting started on the library services webpage !

Picture Books in the SFS Library

Kamala and Maya's Big Idea

Dream Builder

A Ride To Remember

Picture Books on the SORA App

The Day You Begin

Before She Was Harriet

Mae Among the Star

Middle Grade Fiction in the SFS Library

Tristan Strong Destroys the World 

A Thousand Never Evers 

A Good Kind of Trouble 

Middle Grade Fiction on the SORA app

Black Brother, Black Brother 

Class Act 

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky 

Nonfiction in the SFS Library

Child of the Dream

Little Leaders

March: Book One by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin. Illustrated by Nate Powell

By Phil Bildner











Nonfiction on the SORA App

We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices










An exciting NEW release coming soon to the SFS Library!

For mature readers who liked Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give and On the Come Up

Concrete Rose